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SELFIE? ?? Make it Easy yet the best one. Know How!!

SELFIE? ?? Make it Easy yet the best one. Know How!!

SELFIE? ?? Make it Easy yet the best one. Know How!!

We all are going through the age of selfie. While nowadays people are like obsessed with taking selfie, as they came out so popular that from young to old keeping them always amazed about how great they look in the clicks. Now with taking selfie there are benefits as well as loss too. Excess of everything is bad but if we use it for the betterment of ourselves then why not??????

Today we are going to get you some simple tips on how you can take cooler selfie for future purpose. Let’s start with the easiest one first.

  • The first point to take note upon is that try the selfie on selfie mode. It is always the best to try on this tips because it make the selfie looks twice cooler and captures the total essence of the picture along with the posture of the body while you are taking a selfie. This is a great idea to go with.
  • The next tip to look smacking in a selfie is to get the double handed selfie. This looks great when you are in a beautiful place with awesome background. That way the whole background comes out with the selfie which gives it a great look. So try the double handed selfie and kill the Instagram or Snapchat.
  • Thirdly, you can try taking selfie under good light and exposure because by doing so the picture gets nice hues and also comes out with good shades and highlights and you face looks awesome in it.
  • Sometimes it might happen that when you are taking a selfie there might be some unwanted background coming at the back of your selfie, in that case, try to crop it in tight so that the picture shows only what you want to show.
  • Taking the same old selfie won’t help. Try to do something new and interesting which will pop up your selfie. Lie cooler backgrounds or doing some fun stuff.
  • Keep on accessorizing yourself while taking pictures. That will pop up the selfie with colors and make it look even more charming.
  • While your face is the main part of the selfie so while showing your face try to lean your face forward and make the neck like longer than it actually is.

SELFIE? ?? Make it Easy yet the best one. Know How!!

So these are some of the tips that will help you to create a nice selfie for yourself and have a better look at it! Keep self-ying!!

Close it!
Close it!

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