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The Bride Side Of Indian Woman.

The Bride Side Of Indian Woman.

Whats that red colour on your forehead..? It gives such a spark to your face? As if its the crown of honor you are wearing.. Besides, I like that beautiful brown colour fabrics you had on your hands.. It seems like you touched happiness with your hands..
Oh how can I forget?! You have a million dollar smile on your face too.. Is that because of that man standing beside you?? Termed as husband he is ain’t it?.. But you seem to look at him as if he is the one who is providing you breathe to survive..
Whats this all about? The red sindoor.. The brown mehendi.. The Smile.. The Man of your life..
Simply dramatic some would say.. But I say intensely pure and lovely..

Hell yeah.. girls are sometimes so so attached to small things.. but almighty has created an Indian woman with that quality.. she is inherited with the boon of finding great meaning and joy in little things.. she finds her inner strength and happiness outta the bits of life.. and to be honest that’s the true identity of an Indian woman..

A big heart fill with small treasures of life.. The day a girl is born.. she is sent by the angels of God with a trust that one day she will be the reason of a man’s existence.. she will hold onto a family with her love and tenderness so well that she will be known as a best daughter, sister, wife, mother and a friend…
But whats the true meaning she gives to her.. on that special day.. ?
Her heart beats at a rate even the clock’s tick cant cope up with.. her drenching colours…red, brown, golden, yellow.. thinking her life would be as colourfull and dazzling as she is on that day..
The smell of the flowers, mehendi, turmeric makes her feel close to goddesses.. as if she has been granted with a wish to be happy forever.. Those bangles she put on.. that anklet she is wearing.. the sound of it makes her life the melodious of all.. the most amazing sound she heard from the world it will be.. And who can forget that enchanting dress with which she covers herself?! Bought from heaven the glitters.. Bought from the angels veils the cloth.. weaved into a dress of her dream.. See how tiny to tiny things are associated in a girl’s life brings immense joy in her life.

But there is a grave pain she goes through within this.. and that is the weakest of all of her.. she tries not to pile up the feeling on and on that she will be leaving her and solely her dear ones.. The mother who feed her milk so that today she grows on to a beautiful and worthy woman for her husband and in-laws..
The father who taught her how to walk..how to read and write and how to stand straight strong when the waves of the ocean hits hard on her.. he never let her feel that she is less than any son because in real she is more than what a son would prove to be..
Her siblings who taught her to gain control on anger and become obedient..But on her big day she will have to leave behind those far behind her life and take only what she inherited and learned from them .Its like a big pile of responsibility she have to carry forward to her upcoming life…
Beautiful will it be? History will it be to make people inspire? Depends!! Truly Depends on how a lady has been destined to..
The big day I dream it would be like Depends on how fortunate my life will be.. Saw a wedding couple yesterday and it inspired me to feel the colours of it.. whats it?Marriage!
So ladies up there who are to be the future brides.. i hope u drench in colour to the fullest so that it gets glued to your life in the form of happiness..
We will have our big day and that would be the most fortunate one that bless upon us..
And well to all the grooms out there.. respect that lady and love her because that smile you will see in her face, that breathe you see she is taking.. is because  she will be of the believe that the hand you hold onto..the sindoor u put into her is not for the sake of the world but the sake of your love she thinks u have for her..
I wish small things are never underestimated because they spread huge happiness.. Be the shooting star amongst the swarm.. You are worth of a lot than you expect.

By- Papiya Bora

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