The Photoshopped Canadian Sikh man accused of Nice attack

The Photoshopped Canadian Sikh man accused of Nice attack

The Photoshopped Canadian Sikh man accused of Nice attack

The photoshopped image of a Canadian Sikh who was wrongly identified as one of the terrorists behind the November 2015 Paris attacks has surfaced once more after the assaults in Nice .

Less than a year after being accused of the assaults in Paris, an image circulating on-line claims that Veerender Jubbal was concerned within the Nice attack.

Last November, people tweeted that Jubbal was one of many Paris attackers after a picture of his was photoshopped to make it look like he was wearing a suicide vest.

The picture – which was printed in among the world’s largest newspapers – was rapidly debunked by social media users, who noticed the iPad he was holding had been photoshopped as a Quran.

A better look confirmed the picture had been closely photoshopped.

Jubbal spoke out in opposition to the fake picture, and mentioned he believed he was focused by supporters of Gamergate because he was an outspoken critic of the controversial online movement.

The Photoshopped Canadian Sikh man accused of Nice attack

Jubbal had then described the expertise as “deeply disturbing”.

“People are editing, and photoshopping my selfies as if I’m one of many people causing the issues/problems in Paris,” he had tweeted then.

On Friday, after the Bastille Day assaults in Nice, by which 84 individuals had been killed, the fake picture of Jubbal was being circulated online once more.

Simran Singh, a buddy of Jubbal, mentioned the circulation of the faked picture was not “a joke” and urged folks to end the rumors.

“Individuals are wrongly figuring out my Sikh friend as being accountable for the Nice assault. Please help end the rumors,” she posted.
‘s not “only a joke.”

“Last 12 months a number of newspapers named him as a suspect. His life has never been the identical,” she wrote on Twitter.

@gildedspine tweeted: “Please, PLEASE do your best to report and take down any photos accusing @Veeren_Jubbal. That is the SECOND TIME he’s being framed.”

The original image of Jubbal featured him standing in a toilet in entrance of the mirror, taking a selfie along with his iPad. This was then modified and edited by trolls to add a suicide-bomb vest to Jubbal, change the iPad right into a Koran, and add a dildo into the nook of the picture.

A group of trolls spread the image around with the sole purpose of fooling the media, and the image was picked up shortly after in November last 12 months following the Paris assaults.

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