The Sperm Donating Process ( Precious Gift Ever )

The Sperm Donating Process ( Precious Gift Ever )

The Sperm Donating Process ( Precious Gift Ever).


It’s a subject that is usually marked by embarrassment or schoolboy jokes, but to think of it, donors give the gift of life. And what could possibly be wrong to be a blessing to someone? A broader outlook is required. Most of us are not even aware of the process of sperm donation but develop a block in our minds regarding it.

What exactly is sperm donation? A man provides semen, either through a fertility clinic or through private arrangements directly with the recipient. Clinics manage both personal donations, in which a patient brings a potential donor who is known to them, and anonymous donations from men on their books whose sperm has been frozen.

Specialist from institute of human reproduction says like “The process of sperm donation is rather simple. Initially, we check the desired candidate for medical fitness and sperm quality. Then the candidate comes once/twice a week to the institute to donate his sperm. The hospital takes care his refreshment and conveyance expenses.” While a sperm donor is regarded as the natural or biological father of every child produced as a result of his donation, he is generally not intended to be the legal father. But why exactly is it needed?

The Sperm Donating Process ( Precious Gift Ever)..

The need for sperm donation has been minimized, thanks to the advancements in science technology. One in a 100 people need donated sperm. There are a group of patients suffering from testicular failure, in their case a sperm donation is the only option. But for a lot of other patients unable to make a baby, varied options other than donated sperm can be explored. It won’t be wrong to say that sperm donation is the last resort.

Almost 20 to 30 per cent of male infertility is there because of no sperm (Azoospermia) or because of inadequate quantity of sperm (Oligozoospermia). Some of these patients can complete their family with the help of test tube baby (IVF/ET/ICSI), which is a very expensive treatment option and not everybody can afford it. In addition, there are group of patients where the only option for them is donor sperm, as they have no sperm either in the ejaculate or within testis. For the above type of patients, sperm donation is a blessing by which they can enjoy the parenthood. Recruiting sperm donors can be expensive and time consuming, as only one in every 20 men who choose to do so will make the grade. Not only do they have to have high quality sperm, they must also pass health checks and go through tests to rule out the risk of passing on any diseases. But this hasn’t stopped men from donating. “People are willing to donate. More men are coming up for sperm donation, be it for monetary gain or for social service. Usually, we see donors are between the age group of 20-40 yrs. The mindset of the people has changed over the years. More parents are accepting sperm donation. More people are coming to donate sperm.

Even though the men don’t hesitate from donating sperm, or aspiring parents don’t hesitate to accept a donor sperm, the traditional hangover continues to exist in the society. Most of the donors don’t want their names to be revealed. “If you’re a couple who’ve had a child from a sperm donation it’s not seen as weird, but if you’re a guy [donating sperm], people question your motives. The judgment passed by the society on the donor is not justified at all. Why should it be considered any less than blood donation? Sperm banks help those people who cannot conceive. With the help of sperm donors, they have babies and fill their life with joy. So I’d say, a sperm donor is a life saver and a life giver.


To make the system more transparent and open, efforts have to be made.  Ayushman Khurana starrer, Vicky Donor has done any good to the society, “People in India follow two things religiously- Cricket and Bollywood. When Amir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan advocated surrogacy through their films, people accepted surrogacy. In the same manner, Vicky Donor has helped in changing the mindsets of the people in a great deal.” if we run programmes like they do for polio and all, we could change the mentality of the masses. There is absolutely nothing to hesitate to revel and make sperm donations.”

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