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The Teen Actor from Assam who worked in Hollywood Movie Sold

The Teen Actor from Assam who worked in Hollywood Movie Sold

The Teen Actor from Assam who worked in Hollywood Movie Sold

The Teen Actor from Assam who worked in Hollywood Movie Sold

The actor’s job is to bring a scripted character to life. Acting technique is paramount to anyone wanting to be a serious actor. To imitate a character or even an emotion does not come easy to all. The audience must believe that whatever the actor is saying is real and that he or she is not reciting, spouting or commenting.

Acting is not an easy task, specially, when you are a kid. For a kid it takes a lot to understand the role and fully justify to the character. India is blessed with many Child actors who have won the heart of the people by playing an outstanding role. Niyar Saikia is one such child actor who has managed to spellbind the people and take away the breath of the people by her stunning performance in THE Hollywood Movie Sold ( Best film in London IFF 2014, Best Film IN river to river Indian film festival, Italy, screened in UNO) directed  by  Oscar Awardee Mr Jeffrey D Brown. Niyar hails from Guwahati, Assam. She studies at Maria’s Public School, and she is now in 11 standard. She has many achievements. She got Best actress in all India Multi Lingual Drama competition in Cuttak in 2006. She is also a recepiant of CCRT Scholarship in the field of theatre in 2010. She is also managed to get Approved Theatre Artiste( child) All India Radio Guwahati. She has worked in the Hindi Film “ The Butterfly case” directed by Mr. Jahnu Baruah, in 2005, Assamese movie Joimoti directed by Mrs Manju Borah, and also acted in Assamese  movie Aai Kot naai. Apart from this she has also showcased her talent in many  theatres, on Stage drama And Audio media.

“ I never imagined myself to be an actor, I mean I was always and I am still into astronomical things and singing. I love to know about the universe, the space, galaxies, and acting happened suddenly. I was chosen for a role in a film when I was 6 years old, that was my big break and the very first time I did acting. I got into acting slowly. I was unprepared, but then I have fallen in love with it, completely. I can’t stay without doing any kind of theatre or plays. I just can’t stay away from the stage; it’s the place where I feel the most comfortable and happy, says Niyar.”

On being asked about how did she strike a balance between her study and acting she mentions, “ that’s easy, and it’s really not that difficult the way people think it is. I sometimes take my course books (and also other books) with me when I am going for shoots. And, I study whenever I get free time, well honestly I don’t do much study in my free time, I do other stuff. But when I literally study, I study for like hours and the things stay inside my head for a very extremely very long period of time, so I don’t worry much about it.”

She further adds, “ I have been under training for almost 7 years under ‘Seagull’, a theatre institution which is run by Bhagirathi and Baharul Islam. They are the ones who shaped me up in acting. There has never been any specific role that I prefer. Give me anything, and I’ll try my level best to shape up that character and do justice to it. I love taking on different roles, really. I love to go in depth and sort it out, and create something out of it.”

She further shares, “I have never liked the idea of being popular or something like that. I don’t want millions of people to know me, and praise me, I just want to help people, with or without being popular. It feels good when people and the media says all those good stuff, and they know you and love the work, but I don’t really like so being attached to it. I did ‘Sold’ because I want to help those girls who are being trafficked. I want to help them out, and I want people to know about the cruelty they face. I want to bring a change, and I have always wanted to do that and Sold just gave me this opportunity to make a change.

The experience was awesome. It was so great. The people were so determined, they were so hard working, they had so much of respect to every other person. It was a life time experience, that I’ll never ever forget.”

About her experience working with the Oscar Awardee Jeffrey D Brown, she quips “the director is someone who creates magic. He is so humble. He knows whenever you’re in pain, he knows how to take you out from despair, he is a magician. He helped me so much, so much in this film that I can’t thank him enough. Half of it was him pushing me and supporting me while I was playing the character.

He is a very strong and determined person, and I have learnt so much from him that I can’t say all of it. He took me into this whole new world, and made me face the reality, and taught me to be strong and taught me so many amazing things about acting. It was an honour to work with him.”

On being asked about how did she managed to act in The Hollywood movie Sold she says, “ I had to audition. The news about the audition was given to my mom by a co-actor of mine whom I had worked with years back, and then the news was also given by our theatre school so we went to the place where the audition was taking place. There were screen tests, and one fine day they call me up to Mumbai and they say that I have been selected out of hundreds or thousands of girls. I was pretty shocked to see myself being selected, and that too out of hundreds and thousands, I mean it’s a HUGE deal and it was so scary.”

“To become a good actor the most important qualities need are Determination. Concentration. Faith in yourself, and faith in your dreams that you seek. The ability to be flexible with any sort of character. But most importantly, even if you’re acting, be true to yourself and be real,” Sums up Niyar.


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