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Value Of Acceptance In Sexuality

Value of acceptance in sexuality “Why to hide natural instinct”?

How is it possible to be so different in your thoughts only because you are exposed to a different ecology than to your siblings? How much impact it may create in the perception of a common situation? Well, does it sound a little weird to think about it!! I don’t think so. It’s a fact from the different scenarios we see every day in different parts of the world. The same problem in the whole world is defined in some different way of projection. Prostitution is one of that matters that have different outlook of people throughout the world. Why is so? Why the greater human species can’t have a universal view of it?


Biologically every living things share a common lively nature; to live, to grow and to reproduce. But because of different physiological and morphological setup of the body all living things show different modes of execution in the attainment of the natural characters. By the virtue of greater mental capacity than compared to the other species human being has a unique character and that is culture. Culture is not a natural phenomenon it is purely artificial and man-made, nature has nothing to do with it. Besides the different physical heterogeneity, man’s most striking difference is in its different cultural processes. Culture is though a dynamic process but the flexibility of culture from place to place is particularly very different. Rules of a society are always laid down with a view to ensure prosperity and continuing the socio-cultural traditions and customs of a particular group of people. People always fail to support and encourage everything in the culture of a society and that lead to the disturbances in social psychology. People accept those things which have greater social support and gradually eliminate the less supported things. But on what ground one should judge a thing bad or good for an entire society. People even in the same area used to have different opinions. But the real problem is when someone is counted in a group his loyalty and concern is always less in his communal part than his individual counterpart. That is exactly why nobody comes forward to get rid of a social injustice first, keeping aside his self indulge problems. In case of dealing with the sexual problems of a society people have created some sort of prohibitions and taboos which suppose to restrict a person from violating any of those. But is it really working?

Prohibitions always lead to a greater curiosity. Curiosity is always a product of some sort of resistance. When a child is prohibited from going near fire, he is always found making continuous efforts in approaching fire. Unless and until he get to know the effects of fire or the experience of a burnt bodily part, he just can’t stop his urge of making efforts in the continuity of his approaches. Similarly, prohibitions in the society make people more in need to know about a thing anyway. But it is naturally not possible to stop people from seeking sexual attention. It’s completely a natural biological instinct of human. From the very inception of human culture man always had to have some sort of secrecy in the sexual activity and its reference in daily life. Even in today’s world this is maintained to a great extent. People always keep their sexual urge hidden to themselves. But gradually in time sexual need of mankind grew up as a profession. Those seeking sexual pleasure are attained with their needs at an exotically valuable price and finally a group of people are termed as prostitutes. Now a day, mere a healthy glimpse of someone’s sexual need and attention can be termed as prostitution. People always term this sensuous and erotic presentation of sexual need of mankind as prostitution and individuals associated are termed as prostitutes. Though it is to a great extent confined to woman but the association of male sex is not negligible at any sense. Question is how one can term it good or bad while it is associated with the natural human biological instinct. We can’t call it good and that we should encourage it, but neither we can call it bad and that we should have to have a degraded outlook towards it, just like spices in food are never good for health in daily consumption but they are not entirely bad for the dietary system. Particularly in India there is a lot of social moral prohibition in the cultural process, aimed not to entertain any sexual need of the people of every society. But to what extent it is effective? If we see the recent statistics then the rate of any kind of sexual harassment or exploitation of others sexual need is relatively greater than compared to those countries where prostitution is legalized. In India, prostitution is regarded as the lowest and most disgusted phenomenon in the social structure. Even though crimes related to this respect is a never decreasing number in India.



Denial always leads to the discovery of some very dark contents of a thing, what is remotely impossible to discover when it earns acceptance. The sole issue of a society to a socially condemned crime is the problem of acceptance of the perception of the cultural values. The Indian culture always takes a bit longer time to accept a thing than that is been taken by the rest of the world population. I am not saying that we should imitate the culture of those countries in any respect but we should really in a need to realize the value of acceptance in sexual need and pleasing the sexual urge of mankind. There should not be any social moral hindrance in respect to sexuality. We should not make it easy to have any manipulating ideas about prostitution or sexuality but there should a very clear cut preview about sexuality or sexual needs. Prostitution as an profession absolutely should not be encouraged at the same time it should not be a feeling ashamed fact of the culture of a society, because the harm that can cost a boat with a paddle in storming sea is always less than harm that can cost from a paddle less boat.

by – John Basumatary

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