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Walker around the World reaches Guwahati on foot

Walker around the World reaches Guwahati on foot

Walker around the World reaches Guwahati on foot

Mark Meigo from Estonia, who has been travelling around the world on foot for almost two years, reached Guwahati on Friday.

Meigo has already walked 8,930 kilometres till now.

Addressing media persons on Sunday, Meigo said, “I love collecting stories and that’s the reason I started walking across the countries. I plan to chronicle my journey in my book someday.  My goal is to cover a total distance of 40,075 kilometres, which is equivalent to the length of the Earth’s equator. During my journey, I have not used any mode of transportation apart from my feet, except a flight journey from Iran to Mumbai. I have travelled to a total of 14 countries and covered 8,930 kilometres on foot.”

Twenty-six year old, Meigo is also carrying a backpack of waterproof tent, sleeping bags, basic clothes, water bottles, food, a cell phone and camera for assistance.

“I reached India last year in June on a flight from Iran. I landed in Mumbai and stayed there for some days and then I reached Delhi. From Delhi, I went Nepal and then again from Nepal to West Bengal. I started walking from  Siliguri and reached Guwahati three days ago,” he stated.

He shared that the number of kilometres is not important; rather the experience and the love from the people is important.

“During my journey I have stayed with about 130 families and have been invited for lunch by another 50 families. I have even stayed at slums in Mumbai and I must say the love I got from them is really heartwarming,” shared Meigo ,adding “I am planning to leave for Shilling tomorrow and will be in India for another 45 days.” and after that I will leave for Myanmar.”

On a minimum, he walks around 25 kilometres a day and a maximum of 55 kilometres. Started on May 11, 2014, his journey has taken him to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Iran, India and Nepal till now.

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