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Women’s Career and The Society.

Women’s Career and The Society.

Women's Career and The Society

How long are you going to wait? You are 29 already. If you do not get married now, people will start thinking are there is something wrong with you.”- This is what haunts Chandrani every time she decides to visit her home town. She has a flourishing career and has worked really hard to get to the position she is in now. “I am tired of answering such questions. I am independent and not yet ready to settle down. The time has changed and getting married at the ‘right’ age is no longer the top priority of women.

But, the society fails to understand this simple thing.” She laments. The turmoil of Chandrani is not a unique case. According to a survey by shaadi.com, as many as 49.1 percent of the 4,310 women surveyed were annoyed by “When are you getting married?”, followed by 39.4 percent who were irritated by “You are settled and independent, why aren’t you getting married?” while 11.5 percent of the women respondents found “You should have kids by now” annoying.

“In the modern times, women are as career oriented as the men. We now live our lives according to our rules and boundaries. So, marriage is not on top of the to-do list. We want our own financial independence and want to full fill our aspirations and desires. Marriage, in a way, limits our purview.”, explains a Girl who is working in an MNC.

“I am not against the idea of getting married. I am just yet to find the right person who will understand and support me with my decisions. I will wait for the right person no matter how long it takes. I am 26 years old and not going to settle down with any random guy just because the society expects me to do so. My family supports my decision and they are the only ones whose opinions matters.”, says a software engineer.

But, everyone is not as lucky as them. Most of the time, the family and relatives are the one who puts on the maximum pressure. “I find it very interesting and depressing at the same time that the parents who always you to do well in life and always asked you to focus on your career and do well are the ones who ask you to compromise with your dreams of a successful career and life and give in to the pressure of the society,”, expresses  a professor.

The contradicting nature of today’s world is very irksome for the women. On one hand the world talks about freedom and independence of women and on the other, they use marriage to bind them to the societal norms. It makes the survival of the single, independent women difficult and exasperating.

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