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World War III characteristics and distinctive features.

World War III characteristics and distinctive features.

World War III characteristics and distinctive features.

World War III characteristics and distinctive features.

The term world war was first cited on a Scottish newspaper in 1848. World War is also known as war among the great power. Karl Marx used the same term too in 1850. Time magazine first used the term world war in 1939. After that the term world war is used by various scholars and writers making it a word which took its own place in the dictionary.

After world war one and world war two there have been many arguments and debates regarding world war three too and most of the experts states that the world war 3 is a fictional subject which is having equal reason to debate about, but If the possibility and flexibility of world war 3 is around 50:50 in ratio, regardless of all those theories related to prophesy and guess work, can we assume  when it might start?  Let us speculate with some logical observation around us so that it turns out easier to understand its present nature and tendency.

Stating a fact in a realist point of view we are in middle of the first phase of world war already. Doesn’t make sense? Look around you. After the World War 2 it seemed as if the world had stopped for a moment but after 1945 again countries like America, China, France and countable countries in number started experimenting nuclear activities to gain nuclear power, instinctively affected by the past trend of war. But every one claimed those experiments and test were just some nuclear research which would be helpful for human knowledge until Limited Test Ban Treaty came up. The first nuclear device was detonated as a test by the USA at the Trinity site on July 16th 1945 followed by  the Soviet Union at Novaya on October 30,1961 which has a record of  the largest yield ever seen, some fifty to fifty eight megatons. Soon the Soviet Union banned extreme nuclear activity because that might destroy the atmosphere of the earth we live in, Still the underground nuclear testing kept on going. To give you a clear picture as for example from 1951-1958 US, Soviet Union and UK alone conducted several types of hazardous nuclear test which have released tons and tons of toxic material in the earth atmosphere(countable from 80-100 tests). Followed by that the unassigned countries still kept on nuclear activities until they have been noticed legally but till now the treaty has not come into force. Countries like India, Korea and Pakistan were those recent countries who conducted nuclear test.

Sarcastic but true, as we speak, this world we live in today is armed with such type of nuclear power that a single misunderstanding between two forces might result in a nuclear war and that would be destructive in worst condition that you can imagine. The countries have already armed themselves with the most powerful weapon that is yet to become a truth in front of our eyes and the defence forces will never care about humanity when the time will come on using those powerful weapons against us.

Now let me tell something about war some characteristics and distinctive features.

Clausewitz, author of the most comprehensive theory of war provided a description of war’s enduring nature. He observed that all wars involve passion, often lying with the hostile feelings of the people, otherwise states would avoid war altogether by simply comparing their relative strengths.

War is never single sided. War is even quoted as a product of an absence of peace. A country who is either having conflict regarding its boundary or some kind of foreign threat that country is programmed to be preparing for a war either for defensive purpose or for offensive purpose. Religion plays an important role in war too. In contrary to that look around you, from 1970 there are countries who are continuously having interstate conflict which might turn out huge and maximum of all these Number of conflict is either in religion form or factor related to communal and cultural.

World War III characteristics and distinctive features.

Iraq war, war in Afghanistan, Syrian civil war, Boko haram insurgency, Somali civil war, war in Africa Darfur, north Pakistan, Mexican drug war, Libyan civil war, Yemini civil war an uncountable war that were on news one day or the other. Loss of thousands and thousands of life . Needless to say there were always small conflicts everywhere. Africa, Asia, Europe and America are the known continents who kept on lightning the lamp of war which never stopped. Apart from the war which gives us some political conclusion there are even such form of designated terrorist group who are getting more powerful day by day and fact is they are either related to religion or communist community, let me state some of the few , al Qaeda being on the lime light, Abu nidal, Bokoharam, armed Islamic group of Algeria, Egypt Islamic jihad, the most recent ISIS etc etc. These group are already ready to put up a fight if required. These groups are supported by major political groups secretly whose roots are unknown and these groups controls the mind set of the warlords in frontline. Even territories are solely found to be controlled by some ideologist community, doesn’t matter literally or legally. Taliban alone in Pakistan and Afghanistan, jhund al khilafa, some which u might not even heard of.

Where are this type of situation leading us to?

Yes obviously to a greater scenario of conflicts that might occur when there will be rise of a more than one country that shall be in power of some religious institution which will neither be in control of conscience or absence of nuclear weapons. A Religion based country when solely will rise trying to oppress the other religion and that biggest conflict will be known as world war 3. When it might occur? I told you. It has already started and there will be the 3rd stage, The war will last for 3 days and 12 countries will take lead in the war somewhere in this era for sure. Those countries have already structured themselves with advanced engineering technology, underground functional bunkers, stealth warfare which would help them to resist nuclear weapons.

If we relate events from the history. If we look back there is nothing known as world war one or two. War has always been a consistent cultural outburst from time to time in many forms. Some are officially approved and some are not. The bigger and worst the outcome is, the closer it gets to the term World war. War among the great power.

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