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Angaraag Mahanta

Angaraag Mahanta (Papon)

Papon (Angaraag Mahanta) singer, composer, producer born in assam to set of brilliant musicians, was introduced to music and its intricacies in his early childhood. Angaraag Mahanta is son of singers Khagen Mahanta and Archana Mahanta. Papan has managed to create a separate identity with his famous album Jonaki Raati, which recently hit in Assam.

Angaraag Mahanta (Papon)

Angaraag Mahanta (Papon)

Interestingly, the popular Papon is not his original name and is born as Angaraag Mahanta. Famous Indian poet and lyricist Gulzar suggested to him to use his nick name. Angaraag has clearly moved deeper and touched the very essence of the lyrics. His initial training has been in Indian classical and traditional music. Heavily inspired by the wide array of sound that he has been exposed to, from the traditional Vaishnavite devotional songs of Assam to new-age electronic, Papon’s music is new.

Papan was quite keen on singing a Ghazal! Catch him belt out some soulful Ghazals on this week’s episode of Coke [email protected]MTV followed by an amazing fusion of Gwalpuria and Assamese sounds with singer Shruti Pathak.

Papon has been invited to New Zealand for the Crossings festival, where some of the finest and established New Zealand jazz artists from the band Onomatopoeia will Accompaning him on his songs from his forthcoming Hindi album.

Papan needs is to maintain his own concept and style of rendition.

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