Basic things new bloggers should learn about AdSense

Basic things new bloggers should learn about AdSense

AdSense units information for you

Without any doubt we get to know that Google AdSense is the best ad network of all time till date. It gives you the best income you can have from doing things online. Therefore today we will be giving you some of the basic questions mostly asked by the new users and that would be- “What is the maximum number of AdSense units one can put on a page?” . Nothing to worry about because we will be giving you some of the answers you have been looking for.

Basic things new bloggers should learn about AdSense

About AdSense


As we know that there are some things we should be careful about while creating an AdSense account we should follow their TOS in order to not get our account banned. Other than that we are good to go!


So to start with it is to inform that Google AdSense provides you with three types of Ads about which we will be talking about now. They are-

  1. AdSense Content Unit
  2. AdSense Link Unit
  3. AdSense for Search

Let us discuss them thoroughly.


AdSense Content Unit


From August 2016, we get to put unlimited ads in your pages. Besides that you need to keep the quality of the site upgraded and there are multi size available in AdSense that you can use to show the ads in. The best one is 336*280 & 160*600.


AdSense Link Unit


To go great with your theme of the site, AdSense Link Unit will be the best. This is one of the best performing units and you can link unlimited ads to your page keeping the content at its best.


AdSense For Search


If you are an owner of a big website then this one will be the best for you.


Now how many AdSense units can we put up in a page?


The limit has been removed as we have mentioned earlier. But we can put it to maximum of 5 units per page. If the post you uploaded is a short one and you give more number of ads then, it might lead to spamming your posts. So advisable it is to do the ads selection and put the units to a minimum. Some basic things you should take a note upon are-

  • Sometimes we have seen that lower number ad units perform better than more ad unit, which is impressive!!
  • Try to do a combination of image + text ads. They perform better.
  • Placing ads above the fold yields better results.

So these are the basic things we should put our brain into,while dealing with the best ad network at present.

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