Best Ad Networks for your blog with more Asian traffic

Best Ad Networks for your blog with more Asian traffic


It is really very important that when you open a blog you get the required amount of traffic. The traffic will determine the earning value of your blog. If you are into the type of traffic where you get from India or any other Asian countries then it might not be that helpful. Therefore we bring to you these ad networks which will let you get ads to earn income from the blog site that you have.

The best ad networks for your site

For your information, it is to let you know that if you are small publisher and you get traffic from India or any Asian countries then it will not help you much. For earning money out of your blog what you can do is the following-

Firstly, get the or account approved for your site. Secondly, be always ready to make your visitors irritated by all those pop ups that will be coming up. So now let’s start with which ad networks are best for your site.

Google AdSense: If you have made any research before or gone through our “life tricks” section then, you might have heard this name many times. It is regarded as the best ad network. When you are thinking of monetizing your blog, go after Google AdSense. There are some merits and demerits of it and they are-

Merits Demerits
There are many ad types Approval is hard
The payouts are high The minimum payout is high
There is no minimum traffic requirement Your site can get blocked easily


PopAds: we are talking about small publishers and in that case you can consider PopAds for both pop up or under ads. It is a really good ad network. Here the actions are taken in a fast manner. Right after you submit your blog you will be getting a review by this ad team within 24 hours. The payment is also moderate and you can withdraw your money after reaching $5.

Merits Demerits
Best CPM and CPV rates Ads are annoying
It accepts all types of websites and no minimum traffic requirement Non-relevant ads
The payout is minimum  $5
There is real time reporting  Yes
Without any doubt after Google AdSense, this is the network which is good for your site too and is a famous one. Got rejected by AdSense? Then, there isn’t anything to worry about as is there. If your blog have a good design and also some good content, then will certainly accept your site.

Merits Demerits
There is no minimum traffic requirements Double click is required in some ads
There are various ads High minimum payout
Real time reporting  Yes
Good customer support  Yes
High payouts and contextual ads  Yes


RevenueHits: For this all you have to do is sign-up and then your blog will get approved. If you don’t have any problem regarding irritating popups on your blog then you can opt for this particular ad network. It matches withGoogle AdSense.

Merits Demerits
Maximum ad formats Irritating ads
Excellent customer care Poor eCPM rates
Huge eCPM rates  Low
Instant approval  Yes


Propeller Ads: if you become a long term user of Propeller Ads then it becomes useful for you to work better with ad. Now the Ad block Bypass technology has been upgraded. The minimum payout is between $0.50 to $5, for every 1000 ad impressions in your blog.

Merits Demerits
Easy start Annoying ads
Shares 80% of their ad revenue with publishers High minimum withdrawal limit
Multiple ad formats  Yes


This are the best ad networks you can look into for getting more earning from your blog. so don’t wait anymore and get started.

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