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Best Ads network for new Bloggers. The Quick check!

Have a nice earning with blogging

Best Ad network for new Bloggers

Blogging is so into the world now that people are getting really onto doing blogs to show what they love to do. But with blogging you also get this amazing opportunity to earn money as well. Where we know that there are many ways to do such earning through Internet. One of them would be to set up ads into your website. Basically these networks that we will be talking about now are the Best Ads Networks for new Bloggers. Let’s get started now.

About the Networks

We will be discussing about six best ad networks for new bloggers here and discussing their merits and demerits too.


PopAds– For small publishers this is a quite good one to start with. There is no hard and fast rule for minimum traffic which is a win-win situation. There are no minimum traffic requirements in this ad network.

The merits of this ad network are-

  • CPM rates are higher as compared to others.
  • Minimum payout is $5 and there are no minimum traffic requirements.
  • Money withdrawal is automatic.

The Demerits are-

  • Only two modes of payout are available and they are PayPal and Payoneer.

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads– Another one which is apt for the beginners is the propeller ads. Quite gaining popularity with its CPM network.

The merits of it are-

  • Creating an account in this ad network is very easy.
  • Minimum payout is $100, how good is that!

The demerit is-

  • Only Payoneer, WebmoneyZ are the payout method.

Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits– It is quite a different one from the other networks. It does not gives you then pay on the basis of clicks or impressions. When a click is turned into action only then it pays you. in short suppose your visitors gave their name and information to the advertisers only then you get paid.

The merits are-

  • Minimum payout is $50
  • The payment per action is $10-$50
  • High CPA rates
  • The activation process is instant.

The demerits are-

  • No CPM or CPC methods, paid only for actions.


Bidvertiser – One of the oldest ad networks of all. This ad network is based on clicks, the more the clicks the more is the money which makes it a really useful one.

The merits of this network would be-

  • There are lots of as formats given in this ad network
  • And the earning is based on clicks.

The demerits are-

  • The ads are not of high quality
  • The interface is old
  • The page gets redirected toward play store
  • The earning is quite low


Chitika – Although with time many new ad networks have taken over Chitika but still taken as a good one for the newbie bloggers. The reason behind it is that there is no minimum traffic requirement and the minimum payout is $10.

The merits are-

  • It is a beneficial one for both the publisher and the advertiser.
  • There is no traffic requirement

The demerits are-

  • Invalid clicks will make you get blocked form Chitika
  • The approval procedure is a bit time consuming
  • For making money maybe not the best network.


Infolinks– says hi to the last entry for today’s best ad network for new bloggers. This is a good company and is famous for their in-text ads.

The merits are-

  • The payouts are made timely and the company is quite a trustworthy one.

The demerits are-

  • The payout is really less which acts as a con to this ad network.


PopCash. Net– This is another one which will be a best ad network for the new bloggers. wanting to gt some extra revenues of get traffic. PopCash. Net provides you with all of them.

The merits are-

  • Payments are made on daily basis
  • You get support 24/7
  • Lots of payment processors
  • User friendly Interface

So, if you are a new blogger and trying to start with the earning on-line business then these options as provided will be the best one to look into. Try them out and have money flowing into your account.

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