Getting a free blog with! Easy tricks!

Getting a free blog with! Easy tricks!

Blogspot makes blogging free and easy. Know how here.

Creating a blog is becoming quite easy nowadays. What people do nowadays is to follow their passion and create world of their own. We might be an expert of anything and being such an expert we can give away some of our valuable lessons in life to others too and share what we have got. So for this now through Internet we have a platform and that is blogging. Mostly everyone cannot get into with the paid plans of blogging, so today we will be covering free blogging through

If the purpose of your blog is to earn money then you should probably go with WordPress but, if you want to just share with the world about what you are then BlogSpot is a good one to go. It is powered by Google so the images that you will be using will also be hosted by Picasa which is a Google’s part. Now let’s get started with how to get you on with this-

  • The first one thing you have to do is getting registered with BlogSpot. So start with / and then start putting on the details to make a profile. You may use Google id or also BlogSpot ID, but the Google ID is highly recommended.
  • After that the next step would be to select a domain name. Try avoiding personal names for your domain but something which will act as your brand later on.
  • After this your blog will be created so, you need to do some other settings too with it.
  • Now you are in the dashboard of the blog and what you need to do is go to the option “Settings” and improve the visibility factor of the blog.
  • Then you will see that in the new post you can start writing your blog but before that make sure that you write atleast one page about your blog so that people knows what your blog is actually about.
  • After that you might want to change the template of your blog because the general one is too normal and gets kind of bring at times.
  • When you are done with all of these what you can do is create a logo for your blog and then put it on the page of your site.
  • The last step is that after you are going good with your blog for some days you can go to Settings>Earnings and then add AdSense to it and have a good earning as well.

Now that you know what you can do with your blog and how. What are you waiting for? Just go for it.

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