Google AdSense: the ultimate answer to swift earning. Know how

Google AdSense: the ultimate answer to swift earning. Know how

The trend is to earn online. And to be honest many people are really getting great at it. Okay if you are an online person and spends most of his time doing stuffs with blogging,you tubing etc. , Then this article will help you earn out of it. The answer is Google AdSense!!! Yes, it is something you can look forward too.

Google AdSense: the ultimate answer to swift earning

What is AdSense???

If you ask this question, the name itself suggest that it’s an ad site that will help you get money by promoting their ads in your channel or blog. There are certain things that you should better take care of regarding AdSense. It is a google site which makes it truly authentic and also a bit hard to get into, but if you get to see into its conditions then only you will be eligible to get paid by Google AdSense!!!


Let’s start knowing

The first thing you would want to get right is getting a proper blog. You have to be very careful regarding which kind of blog will be accepted and some of the major things like the Domain name, the type of blog should have a consistency i.e you should try to be consistent with the type of blog you want to have like food,fashion, technology,travel etc.

We would recommend Blogspot/ to have your blog. So while opening it make sure the designs are quite adequate as well as attractive to the viewers. There should be also a page about yourself where you give all the details you need to give from the number one day of opening the blog.

AdSense can also be used by making videos. Yes you have heard of this magnificent app YouTube that let’s you watch video upon anything. Though the income of the youtubers are backed by the number of views but to make the income more fluent the best option is to create a Google AdSense account. Here the criteria would be to create original videos and nothing that has copyright. It take 2days at maximum to verify your channel so that you can get money from AdSense and also there is a minimum number of views you must have. That would be 10k views per video.


How much can we earn through Google AdSense?


The earning is $100 minimum. And basically it will depend on how your traffic is working and how much the ads are being seen.


A word of caution


Well, at last but not being the least here is something you should see into and that is don’t try to make clicks in an inconvenient way. If you do so then, Google might block your blog. And once done it might be hard to undo it. So there you need to be utmost careful.

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