Google Index / Deindexed Your Website How and Why?

Google Index / Deindexed Your Website How and Why?


Google Index / Deindexed Your Website How and Why?


There is a common question that people ask and that is why isn’t my site getting indexed by Google? Well we know this problem is messing up your life for a long time now. We are here with some of the simple answers you have been looking for. As we know that Google must index your site so that the traffic rate gets increased. The most important thing to do is to get indexed by Google. Once done you will be the rightful owner of organic traffic.

The points to follow

Google need to find your site. If not, then there will be a problem arising out of your site getting indexed. If after few months of your site being made you see that Google haven’t seen your site yet. In that case, you can add a sitemap and also request Google to crawl and fetch your site. Some of the key points you should know now are-

  1. Go to webmaster tools home page and add the site which you want.
  2. Go to the dashboard and there you will get an option as Crawl, click fetch as Google.
  3. There you will see text box, type the path of the page you want to check
  4. Then a dropdown list will appear, select the option Desktop out there.
  5. Click on fetch and Google will fetch the URL requested.
  6. If you see the status as SUCCESSFUL click on submit to index. After that submit the individual URL to Google’s index, select URL and then submit. The maximum number of URL that you can give is up to 500.

Site indexed under a www or non www domain

If your site reads as then it is nit same as The key to it is to add both the sites to GWT account so that both the sites get indexed by Google.

The site might be blocked with robots.txt

Your editor or developer might block your site using robots.txt. It is really easy to remove your site from robots.txt and then your site will reappear in the index.

Not having a sitemap

Another reason might be due to not having a sitemap.xml. It is a simple list of directions that Google follows to follow to your site.

There might be crawl errors

Due to crawl errors sometime it get shard to get your site indexed by Google. For that what you have to do is –

Go to Google Webmaster Tools-Select your site-click on crawl-click on crawl errors.

Having lots of duplicate contents

When there are lots of duplicate contents in your site, it might confuse the search engines and  hence tour site do not get indexed by Google. That is why it is better if you stop using duplicate content for your site.

Privacy setting

If your site is in WordPress then there might be this mistake that you have done and that would be avoided and rectified too. Go to Admin then Settings and then Privacy to check the errors.

Getting de-indexed

Sometimes it does happen that due to the bad history of  your site. You might get deindexed for that too.

So basically, these are the reasons that you must look into and know where to get rectified and do the needed work to get indexed by Google. Once, you get hold of it you are really good to go.

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