UC Union Program easy earning tricks, make easy money. know how.

UC Union Program easy earning tricks, make easy money. know how.

UC Union Program Trick goes all the way to your pocket earnings.

How to earn Money from UC-Union?

Let’s get set to know how things are done.

People  nowadays are after only one thing and that is money. Once we get the taste of it and know its value, it gets hard to get over with the craze of earning. Here today we are going to help you with some life tricks that will help you out to do wonder income in the coming time. Therefore we present, UC Union Program easy earning tricks, make easy money. know how. The answer to all the questions you are having would be UC Union Program.  This is a great and smart step towards building your earning career through the use of this simple program. In the last few months UC-Union not working good for Indian Publishers, you can signup for UC-Union alternative. Let us go into details below.

How to earn $1-$10 or more daily? It’s easy!

This is an app share program where you learn the techniques of getting paid just by sharing the apps. Okay might not be like just sharing the apps but there are certain points you should be following in order to get into the paid system and know how to do it.

UC Union App share Program can be done only after successful login. The login procedure is as follows-

  1. You have to visit the UC Union website first of all to get into the program.
  2. Go to Publisher option and after that on sign up.
  3. As we all know while we sign up for anything we need to put on a user name a valid one though. So now insert a user name according to your wish and then continue.
  4. After user name a password will be commanded, that time use alphabets and numbers and give a safe password so that you don’t forget it.
  5. You have to select the country you are from and also the on line contact you want to choose. On-line contact you can choose anything like Facebook, Twitter etc.
  6. After that what you have to do is enter your email address along with the phone number (country code needed).
  7. There will be a pop up on “Agree Terms and Conditions “. Click on that and then you are ready to submit it.

Now comes the part where you have to give full attention as these will be the things that are more important to look upon in order to get to that great money per day.

We will be taking you to some links that will take you start soon but before that you have to add a website/Blog/App to your UC Union Publisher Panel. Follow the following steps:

  1. When you have accepted the terms and conditions and made up an account what you have to do is go to the Management section and click on Submit a new site or app.
  2. If you have any then link it to this account and if not then sign up for a new site/blog through wordpress.com (which is a popular site and known to all).
  3. When in the submit site you have to do the following-
  • Cooperation- Cash
  • Type – Affiliate
  • Source Name – Your Website/Blog name
  • Source URL – your site? Website/Blog address
  • Category – select the category your site belongs to.
  • Integration method – link

After this it will take at least 5 hours or maximum 3 days to approve your site, once you click on submit. So the patience will be much needed in this case.

  • Now comes the part when after approval you will get to see the approval section and all the offers available.
  • To get the promotional links there are again some minor steps that you need to do in order to get started. They are-
  1. Go to Management and click on Check Campaign List.
  2. There you will be getting two options out of which you need to choose All Campaign
  3. there you will be getting a drop out box from which you can select the county you are from and then click on search. Immediately you will be given many offers that are available to your country.
  4. Next step is to share them through any social media site you want to. But before that what you have to do is select the offer which you feel so suitable for you, copy the link and then from the drop down-menu select the approved website. There you go. You can start the earning instantly then.

A serious point to be kept in mind is that while you share the apps through links, you will be given the payment only after the people downloads or uses those offers that you will promote through sharing.  So what we saw is that there are just simple things you need to do and bit of patience and there you go earning a lot through UC Union Login. Another point to be noted is that you have to update your bank details on every 25th of a month otherwise the payment might get held up.

UC Union payment proof:

UC Union payment proof


UC Union not working good for Indian Publishers now, Check this.

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