Let’s make money through YouTube! YouTube Monetization

Let’s make money through YouTube! YouTube Monetization



Yeah we all have a great time watching these YouTube videos that creates lots of entertainment as well as some information to rely upon. The fact is really not unknown to you that these videos on YouTube that we keep on watching helps the one who makes them to earn money also?? We all are so aware of the You tubers who brings out new content for us every time, while there are many others too to make money from YouTube! That is what we will talk about.

About the steps to start

The steps are quite easy if you follow them well. How we are going to deal with them depends on the types of videos we will be making. Depending upon the type of videos there are some of the process needed in monetizing the channel.. let’s get a look as to how?


First of all sign-in with YouTube then click on the bar to open the YouTube profile settings page.

Then go through View additional features and link to Google Adsense Account.

Then click into Enable Button under Monetization Section.


Remember, YouTube need at least 10,000 views to start Monetization of your channel.

Link into your Existing Adsense Account or You can create a New Adsense Account. After linking it, Advertisement will show on your YouTube Videos. Do not forget to verify your YouTube Account, using your mobile number and select either voice call or SMS. Read more about Google Adsense.


Final Steps:

Go to ‘Video manager’ and select the uploaded videos and click on the ‘Monetize’ button from ‘Actions‘ beside it to monetize the videos.


There are different types of ads that you can use to get in your videos. You can choose among them as to which one is the most preferable one.


The final step would be to click on Monetize button after the Youtube ads are authorized within 48 hours. They might accept or reject to show the videos because the criteria must be fulfilled with everything. Sometimes during the process you might need to give a written documentation for copyright purpose. After all these procedures you are good to go with the Monetize button.

These are the simple steps that will give your account a boost and you will be earning really well.

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