PowToon Software for bringing back the charm in your site.

PowToon Software for bringing back the charm in your site.

Worried that your site is losing the charm in it? That maybe something is missing and so your audience is getting bored to the maximum. Well there is never a sign of being late in bringing some change to your site. You can always bring the tinge of the animated factor to it.

PowToon Software for bringing back the charm in your site.

Nowadays it isn’t necessary for you to take a course on animation to make the animated cartoons for your site. It is easy with PowToon now. Today we are going to give you a review about PowToon.


How to do it?

There are some simple steps to see how you can get into the world of animation. Let’s start with it-

  • You have to sign up in order to avail the great animated videos. For that you can either sign up using your gmail account or Facebook account. After that you will be taken to the dashboard where you will be able to create your own videos(animated).
  • Select on Create and chose from long list of templates that will be given to you or start by clicking on Scratch.
  • When you will start from Scratch you will get access to all the PowToon tools.
  • On the left side of the screen, you can see thumbnail of your canvas.
  • To make an animation, be sure it’s set to Movie mode. If you want a Slideshow then set it as such too.
  • If you want to use all the features of the tool then switch it to Customize mode. After that you will see an option on the left side i.e. Picto. Select on that to get different styles.
  • After choosing the style you can get on with the icons, graphics,layout and background kind of stuffs in right edge of the screen which you would like to add onto your videos.
  • The last step would be to organise the timeline. For that you need to bring the red arrow to the canvas . The numbers in the timeline will give you the knowledge about how many seconds the video is of. As you will be adding things to your video you will be getting the info on the timeline. Suppose if you add a text a T will appear and so on. After done if you want to see how the video will look like, tap on the big play button on the bottom left and you can see the video.
  • A point to be noted is that each video is of 10 seconds by default but if you want you can add some more elements into it and then export the video.
  • Try to get the prime membership to avail more advantage of the software.

So basically these are the simple steps you need to follow in order to get hold of the boring view of your videos. Now animated vidoes aren’t far and you can get them.interesting with all these elements added to it. Happy PowTooning!!

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