Famous star Sunny say No to promotion of any Tobacco Products.

Famous star Sunny say No to promotion of any Tobacco Products.

No to promotion of any Tobacco Products.


Famous star, Bollywood actress Sunny leone say No more promotion of any Tobacco related product in future. Actress Sunny Leone has promised she won’t be advertising any product related to tobacco, following the Delhi government’s claim to some more actors pleading them not to encourage public by promoting pan masala and tobacco products.

However, the future of her current endorsement contract for a pan masala will be governed by the outcome of her discussions with the concerned company.

Delhi  government ‘s additional director for health S.K Arora  said, Daniel Weber, present husband of Sunny leone  called him and promised  that she (Sunny Leone) will not sign any contract for such kind of advertisement  in future. Earlier, the Delhi government had written to a couple of actors, including Ajay Devgan, Sunny Leone, Govinda and Arbaaz Khan, to not endorse any tobacco and pan masala product.

No to promotion of any Tobacco Products

The Delhi government also asked the actors to join its anti-tobacco campaign to save the lives of lakhs of people who die due to oral cancer every year.

According to experts, areca nut, the main ingredient in pan masala, was in the league of caffeine, tobacco and alcohol when it comes to addictive properties and also leads to a high number of cases of submucous fibrosis, which can easily turn cancerous.

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