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Assam Government Holiday List and Calendar, 2015

The workplaces below the Govt. of Assam and all Revenue and Magisterial Courts in Assam will stay closed on the next days as proven underneath Gazetted Holidays throughout the yr 2015 whereas every worker may also be allowed to avail 2 (two) days Restricted vacation as listed beneath for the present 12 months.  GAZETTED HOLIDAYS RESTRICTED HOLIDAYSDate Day Name of the Festival Date Day Name of the Festival14.01.2015 Wed Magh Bihu and Tusu Puja 01.01.2015 Thu New Year's Day15.01.2015 Thu 04.01.2015 Sun Fateha-e-Duwaz Daham23.01.2015 Fri Netaji's Birthday 17.01.2015 Sat Silpi Divas26.01.2015 Mon Republic Day 27.01.2015 Tue Gwther Bathow San31.01.2015 Sat Me-Dum-Me-Phi 17.02.2015 Tue Shivaratri & Karbi Dehal Kachir Dom03.02.2015 Tue Bir Chilarai [...]