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Niku Moni Baruah

Niku Moni Baruah was born on 29 July 1969. She is a marvelous actress. She started acting at the age of 9 in the stage, since then performed at various levels of Stage Drama all over the country. She played ...

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Anindita Poul

Anindita Paul, a familiar name in the Assamese music scene. The first Assamese album through which she started her career in Assamese music industry was “Bilot Tirebirai Podumor Pahi Oye”, a compilation of the songs of “Bawli kobi”. Anindita is well-known for ...

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Rimpi Das

Rimpi Das is a beautiful assamese actress. Rimpi Das, make her debut in Kollywood in the film Paali. After acting in a range of roles in Assamese films, she will enter the more professional Tamil film industry which offers better ...

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