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Niku Moni Baruah

Niku Moni Baruah was born on 29 July 1969. She is a marvelous actress. She started acting at the age of 9 in the stage, since then performed at various levels of Stage Drama all over the country. She played the role of "Rose" in the play "Titanic" on "Kohinoor" Theatre. The play "Titanic" is most popular among the audience all over the world. She has acted in Stage drama like Karangar ligiri, Santa Sista Hrista Pusta Maha Dusta, [...]

Anindita Poul

Anindita Paul, a familiar name in the Assamese music scene. The first Assamese album through which she started her career in Assamese music industry was "Bilot Tirebirai Podumor Pahi Oye", a compilation of the songs of "Bawli kobi". Anindita is well-known for her popular songs Bilot Tirebirai Podumor Pahi Oye and Kor Ejak Hopun Jen, some classic Assamese songs which has been well acclaimed by everyone and has helped her carve an identity for herself in the Assamese music industry. She play backed [...]

Rimpi Das

Rimpi Das is a beautiful assamese actress. Rimpi Das, make her debut in Kollywood in the film Paali. After acting in a range of roles in Assamese films, she will enter the more professional Tamil film industry which offers better career prospects. She made her debut in Assamese film Monot Birinar Jui after which she left school to pursue acting. She has acted in side role in film Adhinayak, Ami Axomiya etc. She has acted in a few Hindi [...]

Jatin Bora (যতীন বৰা) | Assamese Best Movie and Drama Actor

Jatin Bora (যতীন বৰা) is an Indian actor who has appeared in Assamese language movies. He was born on April 25, 1970 to Sri Gakul Chandra Bora and Premolata Bora in Kacholukhowa village, Nagaon(Assam). He is regarded as the present numero uno of the Assamese film industry. Bora is a strong stage actor in theatre including Aabahan, Hengul, Ashirbaad, Bhagyadevi, Kohinoor, Itihas and others. He is definitely the most successful and accomplished film actor in Assamese cinema. Bora's Films: Bahniman, [...]