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Assamese feature film Krodh to be release on 2018

Assamese feature film Krodh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmZ3RXT6nDE Assamese Movie - Krodh, Release Date -2018, 12 January. Directed by - Monoj Baishya, Producer -Pankaj Dalani, Editor - Tutul, Presented by - Shakti film production, Story Dialogue screen = Monoj Baishya, VFX - Vivekanand borah, Music director -Deep Rajbangshi Staring-Udayan duwara, Debasmita benerjee, Paran Kamal, Pankaj Dalani, Ripamoni saikia, Pinaki Mitra, Lanny da, Vivekanand borah, Bibul Das, Makul mali, Raju sargiari and Dwiban Baishya.... The  script writter of Krodh  is all about rape and revenge.. To Know More have a check..

Online portal to Promote Assamese Cinemas among it’s global audience

It’s Shiladitya Bora who has come up with an online paid portal – Cinemas of Assam – which will give the global audience an opportunity to peep into the window and enjoy the reel magic of Assamese cinema. The first Assamese film, Joymoti, was released in the year 1935. The maker of the film, Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, faced an uphill task making the film – the major problem being lack of trained technicians. The doyen wrote the script of the [...]

A Brief conversation with Reema Borah director of movie Bokul

She has already made her mark in national and international domain through her short films and documentaries. Reema Borah’s work like Xihotor Katha, which was part of various national and international festivals. Similarly, her short feature ‘Echoes of Silence’ bagged the 55th national award for music. Feature length film Chaatak bagged the special mention at IDPA, 2010. “My inclination towards cinema began when I was growing up. There’s a library near my house and I was a member of the [...]

Local Kungfu Part 2 to hit the screens in 2017

Local Kungfu Part 2  to hit the screens in 2017 Here is a piece of good news for those who have a love for martial arts and sidesplitting comedy. The production work of Local Kungfu – Part 2 has started. Local Kungfu – Part 1 is one film from the stable of the Assamese film industry which was a huge hit in the State and sent the audience splitting at the ends. Local Kungfu Part 1 was made way back in [...]

A list of Assamese Newspapers

Find the list of all popular Assamese Newspapers. Find daily, weekly and fortnightly categories of Assamese Newspapers. Desciprtion, editor, reviews and publishers of the Assamese Newspapers published from All over Assam state. Asomiya Pratidin Editor: Haidar Hussain. Publisher: Asomiya Pratidin Pvt. Ltd. Website: www.asomiyapratidin.co.in Details: Asomiya Pratidin has been serving as a famous Assamese newspaper for last couple of decades in Assam. Vetran journalists like Late Parag Kumar Das, Atanu Bhyuan served as executive editors of the newspaper. The weekly tabloid is 'Xombhar'. Asomiya [...]

Mor Minoti – Lyrics in Assamese

Song Title : Mor Minoti Lyrics: Nirmalprabha Bordoloi Singer: Jayanta Hazarika The lyrics: Mor minoti tora hoi jodi tomar aakakh subo, mor ai gaan jodi hur hoi tomar bonot robo.. mor minoti ... mor ai kotha jodi hur hoi mor ai hur jodi jun hoi hai june huna jonali mayare horu hurungare mone mone goi tomar mukhote robo.. moi nathakile hajor torai morei kothake kobo... mor minoti..

Assamese Jolpan | Assamese Foods

Jolpan, or snacks, are sometimes served at breakfast within the Cuisine of Assam, though they could even be served at Bihu festivals or weddings. The phrase jolpan contains all of the preparations specifically jolpan, pitha, laddu and tea. Other widespread jolpans served for breakfast could embody roti, luchi, ghugni and generally paratha and so on. Types of Jolpan Variations on jolpan embrace Bora saul, Komal Saul, Xandoh, Chira, Muri, Akhoi together with curd, jaggery, yogurt and numerous Pitha. Bora Saul Bora saul is [...]