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Police investigate boy rescued from gorilla in Cincinnati Zoo

Police investigate boy rescued from gorilla in Cincinnati Zoo The parents of a four-year-old boy whose accidental fall into a gorilla's exhibit moat prompted the killing of the animal in Cincinnati Zoo are under investigation, police said. The Cincinnati Police Department on Tuesday issued a statement about the actions of the parents that led to the incident and not the operation or safety of the zoo, Xinhua reported. Thane Maynard, director of the zoo, on Monday denied that their management had been [...]

Constant crying of Baby alters our brain functions

Constant crying of Baby alters our brain functions A constantly crying baby can not only hamper your peace, it can also rattles your brain functions and alter the way you think and act to make daily decisions, a study has found. The brain data revealed that the infant cries reduced attention to the task and triggered greater cognitive conflict processing than infant laughs. "Parental instinct appears to be hardwired yet no one talks about how this instinct might include cognition," said David [...]

Secret of some women having twins while others don’t

Researchers have identified two genes that can explain why some women are likely to have non-identical twins. While it is known that if a woman's female relatives have non-identical twins, she is more likely to give birth to twins herself, the genes behind this phenomenon have remained a mystery. "There's an enormous interest in twins, and in why some women have twins while others don't," said one of the researchers Dorret Boomsma, biological psychologist at Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam in the [...]

Stress during pregnancy results to low birth weight of babies

  Even before a woman becomes pregnant, her stress physiology may predict a lower-birth weight of baby  less than 2.5 kg, said a new study. The findings revealed that the mother's stress physiology before she even conceives is also important. It suggests that a woman's health and life circumstances before her pregnancy, especially chronic stress, matter greatly. "We found that the same cortisol pattern that has been linked with chronic stress is associated with delivering a baby that weighs less at birth," [...]

The Sperm Donating Process ( Precious Gift Ever )

  It’s a subject that is usually marked by embarrassment or schoolboy jokes, but to think of it, donors give the gift of life. And what could possibly be wrong to be a blessing to someone? A broader outlook is required. Most of us are not even aware of the process of sperm donation but develop a block in our minds regarding it. What exactly is sperm donation? A man provides semen, either through a fertility clinic or through private arrangements [...]