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Constant crying of Baby alters our brain functions

Constant crying of Baby alters our brain functions A constantly crying baby can not only hamper your peace, it can also rattles your brain functions and alter the way you think and act to make daily decisions, a study has found. The brain data revealed that the infant cries reduced attention to the task and triggered greater cognitive conflict processing than infant laughs. "Parental instinct appears to be hardwired yet no one talks about how this instinct might include cognition," said David [...]

How to erase chasing bad memories out of our brain

 It is possible for us to intentionally forget past experiences by changing how we think about the context of those memories, says a study. The findings have a range of potential applications centred on enhancing desired memories, such as developing new educational tools, or diminishing harmful memories, including treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder. Memory theorists have known for long that we use context -- or the situation we are in, including sights, sounds, smells, where we are, who we are with [...]

Novel immunotherapy “A Hope For Brain Cancer”

A Hope For Brain Cancer Novel immunotherapy “A Hope For Brain Cancer” said Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have shown that a next-generation cell-based immunotherapy may offer new hope in the fight against the most aggressive form of brain cancer called glioma. Despite improvements in surgical procedures, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, this type of brain tumour is still notoriously hard to treat -- less than 10 percent of patients survive beyond five years. Cell-based immunotherapy involves the injection of a therapeutic anticancer vaccine [...]


If someone has a pain in his hand, one does not comfort the hand, but the sufferer – Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, 1953. What is pain? It might seem like an easy question. The answer, however, depends on who you ask. Some say pain is a warning signal that something is damaged, but what about pain-free major trauma? Some say pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong, but what about phantom limb pain, where the painful [...]