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Take care of your hair dude!

Little do people think that Men’s hair need attention too. But in fact, they do!! Yes maybe their hair are short most of the time not to forget, also long but they need to be given special care too. Today here we are going to talk about some of the hair care tips to be taken by men. Let's start! Take care of your hair dude! Say NO to overwashing your hair. Never ever try to wash your hair in an [...]

15 Best Hair Care Tips For Intense Summer!

Best Hair Care Tips! Take extra care of your tresses this summer. Summer comes with the most dry and unhappy scalp. Summer is truly a tough time for our hair - it can easily become frizzy, dehydrated, and weathered by the sun and dry wind. With increasing worries most of the women end up ditching their hair length but for those who want to stay away from losing their tresses, there are other options too. From chopping it in layers [...]