Four Best homemade juice to loose weight

Four Best homemade juice to loose weight If you want to show your curves in the right places, then drink a lot of homemade juice Who doesn’t dream of a va va voom figure? But to flaunt your figure, you need to follow a strict diet apart from hitting the gym. You need to eat healthy too. Here given a list of few health drinks which can help you shed your flab. Of course, workouts are a must. “Juice can be very [...]

Smoking limits our food intake capacity

Smoking limits our food intake capacity  Smoking can have a significant effect on dietary intake. It can cause smokers to eat 152 fewer calories than those who are abstaining, finds a study. The reduction can be attributed to the effect of smoking on levels of hormone ghrelin -- the hunger hormones, the researchers said. "The study found that smoking had an acute effect on energy intake that could be mediated by alterations in ghrelin levels," said lead researcher, Konstantina Zachari from Harokopio [...]

Sperm testing smartphone app to come in market soon

Sperm testing smartphone app to be in market soon Those men who find it too embarrassing to visit a fertility clinic to test the health of their sperm have reasons to cheer, thanks to a new smartphone-based system that allows men to have a semen test at home to know about potential fertility problems. Using a low-cost lens, Yoshitomo Kobori from Dokkyo Medical University Koshigaya Hospital in Japan and his colleagues at the University of Illinois in Chicago created a smartphone [...]

Health Benefits of consuming Broccoli

Consuming broccoli or brassica vegetable like kale or cabbage every three or four days may also lower the risk of cancers and other degenerative diseases, a new study suggests. The scientists identified genes in broccoli that control the accumulation of phenolic compounds associated with a lowered risk of coronary heart disease, Type II diabetes, asthma and several types of cancer. Phenolic compounds have good antioxidant activity that affects biochemical pathways affiliated with inflammation in mammals. “We need inflammation because it's a response [...]

Constant crying of Baby alters our brain functions

Constant crying of Baby alters our brain functions A constantly crying baby can not only hamper your peace, it can also rattles your brain functions and alter the way you think and act to make daily decisions, a study has found. The brain data revealed that the infant cries reduced attention to the task and triggered greater cognitive conflict processing than infant laughs. "Parental instinct appears to be hardwired yet no one talks about how this instinct might include cognition," said David [...]

Experts says E-cigarettes may do more benefit than harm

A team of international tobacco control experts has found that use of e-cigarettes can reduce overall smoking as well as potentially decrease the mortality rates particularly arising out of cigarette smoking. The findings showed that e-cigarettes have the potential to counteract health risks and may do more benefit than harm. Also, the evidence suggests a strong potential for e-cigarettes use to improve population health by reducing or displacing cigarette use in countries where cigarette prevalence is still high and smokers are [...]

Foods to Keep diabetes in Control

Foods to Keep diabetes in Control With diabetes being the theme for World Health Day this year, an expert says one should include millets, beans and fish in regular diet to keep diabetes away. . * Millets: These are very good source of protein, resistant starch, vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. They are rich in anti-oxidants. * Beans: They are rich in fibre and protein, and also provide satiety and help control hunger pangs. * Fish: They are a good [...]

Stress during pregnancy results to low birth weight of babies

  Even before a woman becomes pregnant, her stress physiology may predict a lower-birth weight of baby  less than 2.5 kg, said a new study. The findings revealed that the mother's stress physiology before she even conceives is also important. It suggests that a woman's health and life circumstances before her pregnancy, especially chronic stress, matter greatly. "We found that the same cortisol pattern that has been linked with chronic stress is associated with delivering a baby that weighs less at birth," [...]

HAPPY YOU! 5 Best Foods For Happy Period.

HAPPY YOU! 5 foods for happy period. Monthly cycles are all about painful cramps, hot water bag, painkillers and sanitary pads. Why cry endlessly for it? Make it a happier time by eating something healthier. Just keep calm, relax and enhance your energy with some good and happy foods. Your hormones are to be blamed not you, for craving to eat foods that are not healthier during the period days. Believe it, girls tend to eat those food that they can’t eat [...]