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Under water training for mars Mission

NASA has sent a team of astronauts to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean on a 16-day mission to prepare for future deep space missions and the journey to Mars. The “aquanauts” were sent to train undersea in simulated space mission as the bottom of a blue ocean and the surface of a Red Planet have something in common -- extreme environments. During the 16-day NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) 21 expedition beginning July 21, an international crew will explore [...]

HIRISE Brought clue of water existance on mars

The US space agency is planning to drive the Curiosity Rover in the direction of water sites on the Martian surface to additional examine the lengthy, seasonally altering darkish streaks briny water within the hope of discovering proof of life. "It isn't so simple as driving a rover to a potential site and taking a scoop of soil," stated Jim Green, NASA's director of planetary science. "Not only are these on steep slopes, we have to be sure that planetary safety [...]

400000 years ago Ice age occurred on Mars

400000 years ago Ice age occurred  on Mars 400000 years ago Ice age occurred  on Mars , Using radar data from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), scientists have found a record of the most recent Martian ice age recorded in the planet's north polar ice cap. The new results agree with previous models that indicate a glacial period ended about 400,000 years ago as well as predictions about how much ice would have been accumulated at the poles since then. The researchers [...]