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Harmful impact of Paracetamol during pregnancy

Harmful impact of Paracetamol during pregnancy Taking frequent painkillers during pregnancy extra usually is prone to raise the risk of autism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in kids, particularly boys, new analysis warns. The findings additionally confirmed that pre-natal exposure to paracetamol raises the chance of autism spectrum diseases more in boys. "The male mind could also be extra weak to dangerous influences throughout early life. Our differing gender outcomes recommend that androgenic endocrine disruption, to which male brains could possibly be [...]

Secret of some women having twins while others don’t

Researchers have identified two genes that can explain why some women are likely to have non-identical twins. While it is known that if a woman's female relatives have non-identical twins, she is more likely to give birth to twins herself, the genes behind this phenomenon have remained a mystery. "There's an enormous interest in twins, and in why some women have twins while others don't," said one of the researchers Dorret Boomsma, biological psychologist at Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam in the [...]

Diabetes and Obesity in pregnancy hastens foetus growth

The child in the womb of an obese mother, who develops gestational diabetes, is five times more likely to grow larger in size by the sixth month of pregnancy, finds a study, adding that the child is more prone to developing obesity and diabetes later in life. The study shows that excessive foetal growth begins weeks before women are screened for gestational diabetes. It suggests that screening programmes must take place early to prevent lasting health benefits on the babies. The [...]

Stress during pregnancy results to low birth weight of babies

  Even before a woman becomes pregnant, her stress physiology may predict a lower-birth weight of baby  less than 2.5 kg, said a new study. The findings revealed that the mother's stress physiology before she even conceives is also important. It suggests that a woman's health and life circumstances before her pregnancy, especially chronic stress, matter greatly. "We found that the same cortisol pattern that has been linked with chronic stress is associated with delivering a baby that weighs less at birth," [...]

Teenage Love, Perfectly an Imperfect Relationship .

Ruma (name changed) an unmarried girl of 17 years, got admitted in the Emergency department of Tertiary care hospital for consuming pesticide. On enquiring and examination she was found 28 weeks pregnant. She was completely heart- broken, distressed and disheveled she came to abort her fetus or wished to kill herself. The emergency department decided to take a psychiatry opinion and from her emotional state psychosocial intervention was felt necessary. While doing psychosocial intervention, I learnt that she had unintended [...]

Eight (8) Best Advice to Look Good during Pregnancy

Eight (8) Best Advice to Look Good during Pregnancy and how women should embrace their bump and feel Comfortable with the right apparel. GENTLE ON THE CURVES. Baby fat, bulging belly and stretch marks, are constant companions during pregnancy. But women need not lose sleep over it. Fashion overcomes barriers occasionally. Accumulating fats during those months doesn’t mean you should appear lame.Flaunt whatever you have got. Throng the malls and the shops and grab whatever suits your mood. The market is [...]