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ABUSE OF HUMAN RIGHTS OF CONVICTS IN INDIA The societal impulse to morally indict prisoners is unconstitutional -- something the courts and people in general seem to have forgotten. The death of Ramkumar in Chennai Central Prison on September 18 became one of 1700 deaths that occur in Indian prisons each year. The dramatic increase in deaths may be the result of a malfunctioning criminal justice system. Since 2001, prison deaths have increased from 978 to 1704 in 2014 -- a 74 per cent rise; the number of [...]

New Instruction Setup of Indian Prison System

With a motive to bring discipline and uniformity in Indian prison administration and prison management all over India . Rajnath Sing, The Indian Home minister has already approved the instruction setup , a ministry statement declared this Thursday that the setup manual will soon be sent to all the states and union territories of India for guidance..it is stated that a new chapter on legal assistance has been integrated in the new instruction model book. Some of them are like: Permission of visiting [...]