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Things to remember before doing a hair transplant

Remember before doing a hair transplant Hair loss can be very traumatic. But one should not compromise on "quality" while undergoing hair transplantation, says an expert. In a recent case, a 22-year-old final year MBBS student who underwent hair transplantation at a salon died the following day after surgery in Chennai. According to media reports, his death was triggered by allergy to anaesthesia, which went undiagnosed. "It's not a rare case because a lot many patients get duped by such small time clinics [...]

Possibility of greater Earth quake in Himalaya region is high

Possibility of greater Earth quake in Himalaya region is high  As a result of lack of post-earthquake motion, resulting in build-up pressure within the faults, the Himalayan area could expertise an earthquake much more harmful than the 2015 7.eight Nepal quake that killed eight,000 individuals and destroyed components of the nation, says a examine. The 2015 Nepal quake ruptured a 150-km-long part of the Himalayas however didn't rupture the Earth's floor, signifying that solely a part of the fault had slipped [...]

Chocolate to suppress diabetes and heart disease risk

Fancy eating chocolates every day? You may soon have the recommendation of doctors to indulge a little as researchers have found that a dark chocolate bar daily could reduces the risk of developing diabetes and heart diseases. For the study, the researchers analysed data of 1,153 people aged 18-69 years old who were part of the Observation of Cardiovascular Risk in Luxembourg study. It was found that those who ate 100 g of chocolate a day -- equivalent to a bar [...]

Experts says E-cigarettes may do more benefit than harm

A team of international tobacco control experts has found that use of e-cigarettes can reduce overall smoking as well as potentially decrease the mortality rates particularly arising out of cigarette smoking. The findings showed that e-cigarettes have the potential to counteract health risks and may do more benefit than harm. Also, the evidence suggests a strong potential for e-cigarettes use to improve population health by reducing or displacing cigarette use in countries where cigarette prevalence is still high and smokers are [...]

How alcohol Ascend breast cancer risk

How alcohol Ascend breast cancer risk Drinking alcohol can put you at increased risk of breast cancer by enhancing the levels of a cancer-causing gene, new research has found. "Our research shows alcohol enhances the actions of estrogen in driving the growth of breast cancer cells and diminishes the effects of the cancer drug Tamoxifen on blocking estrogen by increasing the levels of a cancer-causing gene called BRAF," said one of the researchers Chin-Yo Lin, assistant professor at University of Houston [...]