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The best and must visit temples of Assam : Top 8

Assam and its  temples Most people are turning spiritual these days. What they are up to is find peace of mind. World has gone chaotic so has everyone’s’ life. Getting in a close encounter with peace is like getting close to god and what a wonderful way it by doing so at the temples?  Today we are going to give you 8 of the best temple found in Assam. Top 8 temples in Assam Kamakhya temple: This is the first name that [...]

Umananda the amusing tourist spot of Assam

Umananda the amusing tourist spot of Assam  The city of Guwahati   has numerous temples and tomb .  As It is boost of heritage temples and other ancient  religious  guildings. It  makes the city an irresistible attraction for the tourist  from all over the world. Out of  many numerous ancient temples in the Guwahati city . Umananda temple  is worth mentioning  into. It is  one of the excellent pilgrimage centre as well as an ideal  tourist spot which is situated  in [...]