Get Paid to Write Book Reviews: How to Make Money as a Book Reviewer

How to Write Book Reviews and Get Paid to Do It

Who wants you to review books?

There are many places online where you can write book reviews. But we all know that most of these online sites use many different names and need plenty of new reviewers, so how do you find them? Don’t worry; there are places out there that pay for book reviews. You just have to search through their sites first and look for ways to contact them directly, such as using an email address or phone number.

The Pros of writing reviews

You can write reviews for local businesses, start-ups, and even individuals. While these might not pay you, it’s a great opportunity for networking and getting your name out there. There are also opportunities to get paid for writing reviews on travel sites, restaurants, or movie theaters—which again, won’t make you rich but will help pad your wallet.

The Cons of writing reviews

As is with most things in life, there are some downsides to being an online book reviewer. They include: -Lack of money. If you’re only doing it as a hobby, then sure; but if you’re hoping that writing book reviews will make you rich, then think again. The truth is that (unfortunately) there just isn’t much money in online book reviewing.

What kind of books should I choose?

Deciding which books to review is an important part of getting paid for your book reviews. While you can still make money writing reviews on any book, certain books will appeal more to certain people than others. Research your audience—the people who are most likely to buy and read books like those you want to review—and focus on reviewing those types of books.

Free vs. Paid Reviews

The first thing you should know about making money writing reviews is that there are two types of review services that are out there, free and paid. Some people may not be willing to pay for a book review or pay their hard-earned dollars for someone else’s opinions about their work. If so, that is completely understandable and I respect that, but at some point in your writing career, you will want to be able to charge for your services.

Reading outside my genre

When I started reading in order to get paid for it, I had no idea what I was doing. In my first few assignments, I simply chose books within my genre and then wrote about them. Then someone asked me if I’d be willing to write about something that wasn’t speculative fiction, and it took me all of 10 seconds flat before saying yes.

When do I post my review?

Now that you’ve chosen a book, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to read it. It’s tough to write an accurate review if you rush through it at lightning speed. Generally speaking, reviewers aim for about 20 pages (or about 400 words) per day. If your book is longer or shorter than average, adjust your reading schedule accordingly.

Sample formats for posts

e-Books, non-fiction books, etc. Look at your market. What kinds of books would they want reviews of? Find niche reviewing sites (see list below) that might accept your reviews and pitch them with an offer to write a review for their site. Some people get very creative in how they pitch these sites–think about what kind of information you have that would be unique and valuable for people who love reading in your genre.


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